Reinventing Nerds: People Strategies for Technical People

startup business, software developer working on computerHas your boss told you that you need to improve your teamwork skills or be more sensitive to end-users or patients or clients?  Do you have anyone on your team who is putting off customers, clients, or teammates because they’re just not friendly toward them?  Whether it’s simply tuning in to our podcast, joining a monthly group coaching call, training, team-building, or coaching, we’ve got the solution for you embedded in our Reinventing Nerds Program.


woman it engineer in network server roomNerds are increasingly being asked to have it all—technical expertise and people skills.  Join engineer-turned-psychologist Joanie Connell on the Reinventing Nerds Podcast as she interviews nerds and people experts to uncover the best communication strategies for technical people.  She brings in everyone from big name scientists and computer geeks to everyday working ones as well as other entertaining and insightful people in a quest for the keys to help nerds interact more successfully with people of all types.  Asking thoughtful questions of her guests, she affectionately gives self-proclaimed nerds insights into important people strategies in a light-hearted, conversational style.

Joanie Connell Episode IconTune in to the Reinventing Nerds Podcast for simple solutions that you can apply on the go.  Do this no matter what.  There is no cost, only upside.  Tell your coworkers about it too.  Sign up for our mailing list to be alerted to new episodes.

What’s the missing link that nerds need to succeed?  Joanie shares her story of being an electrical engineer and how she noticed what technical people weren’t being taught in school.

Joanie Connell, Host

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How did the Reinventing Nerds podcast start?  Listen to Joanie’s story of reinvention and where Reinventing Nerds began here.

Learn more about your host, Joanie Connell, President of Flexible Work Solutions, Inc.


If you’re interested in being a guest, please contact us and let us know what you’d like to talk about.

Training and Team Building

Virbela Invisible Path GameBring our best nerd trainer to your team–in person or virtually–to boost communication and trust among teammates, customers, and clients.  See our offerings here or contact us for a custom team building.  We recommend the Invisible Path Game.

Coaching for Individuals and Small Groups

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Monthly Small Group Coaching Call with Joanie via Zoom

60-Day Reinventing Nerds Targeted Coaching Package–exclusively with Joanie.